Ethical Hacking


1.Introduction to Ethical Hacking & types of attack & Phases of Hacking 2.Lab Setup for Hacking training 3.Basic Commands for Kali Linux 4.SPF Record and Spoofing Mail Technique live reporting 5.Live Phishing Attack with Ngrok and Web Jacking 6.SQL injection with Live Database Hakcing & Reporting 7.System Shell Hacking with Live Attack, Wifi Password 8.System Hacking with Live Attack, Regain Process 9.Mobile Hacking with APK binding Live 10.Complete Wifi Live Hacking + MAC spoofing 11.Network Security 12.Window Security 13.System Audit 14.Introduction to XSS all Types + Live Reporting 15.Introduction to Burp Suite with XSS+ Live Reporting 16.Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment + Live Reporting 17.Introduction to Bug Bounty 18.Introduction to NCIIPC 19.Introduction to Server Hacking 20.Introduction to Cyber LAW as per the above lab NOTE 1.This course is for Entry Level for Everyone. 2.This course will help everyone to clear the concept of Hacking shud be clear 3.All Students will Course Completion Certificate 4.One International Exam CSA1 is added in this programs. Course Fees RS.12000 + GST