Ethical Hacking


CYBER Related Things : Module 1: Use of various Cyber Forensics Operating System A)Helix B)X-Ways forensics C)DEFT (Digital Evidence and Forensic Toolkit ) D)Bugtraq-II malware laboratories, and GSM forensics. E) Kali Linux Module 2: Important Tools for Cloning:(HDD / SSD) 1) AOMEI Backupper Standard 2) O&O Disk Image 3) MiniTool Partition Wizard 4) Macrium Reflect 5) EaseUS Todo Backup 6) Acronis True Image 2020 7) Clonezilla 8) Paragon Software Hard Disk Manager Module 3: Sim Cloning Methods & Investigation Method. Module 4: Cyber Crime Investigation 1.Steps for Cyber Forensics as per Indian LAWS 2.Steps to Investigate Banking related (Debit/Credit Card) frauds 3.Hacking & Unauthorized access 4.Virus attack 5.Denial of Service attacks 6.Pornography 7.Fake profiles on social media 8.IPR Violations 9.Cyber Terrorism 10.E-commerce/ Investment Frauds 11.Cyber Stalking 12.Identity Theft 13.Breach of Privacy and Confidentiality and other computer related crime 14.E-mail related crimes: a. Email spoofing, b. Email Spamming, c. Email bombing, d. Sending threatening emails, e. Email frauds 15.Phising 16.Lottery frauds 17. Dark/Deep net and its use in Cyber Crime Prevention and Detection. Module 5:.Introduction to VPN & Investiation Method. Module 6:.Introduction to Mobile Forensics Method. Module 7:.Introduction to System Forensics Method Module 8:.Introduction to Browser Forensics Method Module 9:.Introduction to Network Forensics Method Module 10:.Introduction to Registry Forensics Method Module 11:.Introduction to Events-Viewer Forensics Method Module 12:.Complete Forensics Report as per the IT Law & Court Presentation. Module 13: AUDIO / VIDEO FORENSICS Module 14: DRONE FORENSICS Module 15: RF FORENSICS Module 16: INDIAN Cyber LAW Module 17: Latest Types of Cyber Crime NOTE: 1.This course will take 30 days (2 MONTHS )for completion. 2.All labs will be created with free tools given on google. 3.Students will get all live practical with recorded session 4.Hardware & Networking background needed. Course Fees: Rs.50,000 + GST